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Balaji is a group of tuitions for Secondary and Higher secondary (G.S.E.B and C.B.S.E) we at balaji are igniting minds with the power of education.

Our Vision

“Life is a beautiful journey to live in and our vision is to be the pathfinder for every child associated, our prayer for every heart is they experience the best learning with us. We seek to give our fullest and bring out the best in everyone. We envision a class where there are no boundaries of imagination and idea, where students not only learn but also explore their inbuilt power. We at Balaji believe, we are not tutors, we are coach. A coach is one who understands the positive and negative points of his/her ward and brings the hidden talent out. This is how we put our effort and make them hit century in their field.”

We Believe That

Discover The History of Team Balaji

” This is Destiny. Destiny brought us where we are today, the best work anyone can do, if one has passion for creating an excellent breed. “

Roy Sir, is B.Tech. in chemical engineering and was doing very well in industries. He was well-settled with Birlas, when destiny brought him to Surat as Technical Head of a gas project near Pipodara. He was surprised to see the way his children were taught. He then started paying attention to his children, their friends and family friend’s children.


Soon ’Roy Sahab’ became ’Roy Sir and then there was no looking back. With maximum attention and nominal fee, he tickled the senses of the city with 14 years of coaching.

Krishna Kumar Roy

Chemical Engineer (B.TECH)

His energy for educating is what has influenced him to stop the material condition and venture into the shoes of an educator.


Mr. Rohan Roy, A Textile Engineer (Polytechnic); seeking after his vocation as an educationist, is a youthful business visionary a living case of how passion and profession don’t really need to be different. His educational classes have perpetually been positioned as outstanding in Surat; creating district toppers. His term as an instructor ranges since 2004 and his team has developed with him. He has a high desire for his students and his educational coaching. Who began with merely two students, is presently an educationist running 3 centres of tuition classes and pre school chain named CANOPUS INTERNATIONAL across Surat and Bharuch, only to be expanded with more centres.


He intends to go ahead with the inheritance that his dad has made. Mr. Rohan has achieved milestones, but his ambitions sore higher than we can anticipate. He still has miles to go; and milestones to achieve; which is what keeps him going and makes him the favourite of all; Rohan Sir.

Rohan Roy

Textile Engineer | BA in Eng.
Schooling from DAV-IIT KGP

Wow! Becoming a CA. was like a dream come true. As like everyone, Parul jumped into interviews with big companies hoping to get one good job. And after few efforts got one with Mumbai base and again it was like reaching moon. But due to God’s grace, couldn’t reach it due to highest depression stage ofthe world. And yes it’s due to God’s grace for her so that she could choose better options that makes her more happy, satisfied and successful. And yes it made her realised that she can be a good teacher when she got an opportunity from Balaji group to teach handful of students. Today after 9 years of experience with Balaji , she still gets goose bums when gets an opportunity to teach and learn with wonderful team and bright students. She feels proud when people says commerce means Parul Ma’am. Feels great to be a part of Balaji group.

Parul Chaudary Agarwal

C.A | M.Com. | L.L.B.

Harsha always wanted to explore the world with so many opportunities and her very wish came align with her reality. She became the youngest teacher of Higher Secondary in St. Xavier’s High School. Initially she shivered but gradually it built her. Becoming CA was like adding stars to her parent’s name. After carrying on her post as a lecturer in few colleges, due to God’s grace her efforts were directed towards Balaji Group of Tuitions. Many people asked her”Why teacher being a CA?”. She replied “Firstly, since my childhood, have been practicing teacherhood. Secondly, it is a feel of pride to guide the youth ofthe future and to be the youth among the youth, as I strongly believe — You are the Youth, You are the Future. Balaji Group of Tuition is the best platform to explore all such youth for future.”

Harsha Gangwani Narang

C.A | M.Com.
(Gold Medalist)

Neha Sharma was a student of Balaji long back. Then the story till date started after 7 years when she accidentally met the Balaji Team at a social gathering. At that moment she never thought that she had a long journey to follow with Balaji Group of Tuitions. Working with Balaji has always inspired her to increase her teaching abilities. Being passionate about teaching, she joined Balaji as soon as she graduated in Computer Engineering. Teaching and learning at the same time has always been her method and that transformed her designation to Neha Ma’am.

Neha Jain

Computer Engineer (B.E.)

‘Mari dikri collector banse’ were the lines dependably said by Foram’s dad. To live up to the expectations, with great confusion in her head, she decided to choose science in her high school. Jumped from Architecture to Liberal Arts at PDPU, she finally completed her BA Hons. Later, when she came back to Surat and started a part-timejob in teaching at Balaji, is when she realised where the peace of her mind lies. She realised nobody apart from her students could make her happier.


She went from being ’Foram’ to ’Foram Ma’am’, the most reputable title in her opinion. She is now the most favourite and go-to person for any of her students if it comes to grammar.

Foram Roy

B.A. Hon. – Liberal Studies


Last but not the least we are thankful to the almighty GOD and all the parents associated with us who have placed their infinite trust on us, without whom our institute would not have achieved a glorious heights which it has achieved and we must say we are thankful to every student who feels proud to be a part of our Balaji Family.

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