Roy Sir, is B.Tech. in chemical engineering and was doing very well in industries.

Krishna Kumar Roy

Chemical Engineer (B.Tech)

Mr. Rohan Roy, A Textile Engineer (Polytechnic); seeking after his vocation as an educationist, is a youthful business visionary a living case of how passion and profession don’t really need to be different.

Rohan Roy

Textile Engineer | BA in Eng.Schooling from DAV-IIT KGP

Wow! Becoming a CA. was like a dream come true. As like everyone, Parul jumped into interviews with big companies hoping to get one good job.

Parul Chaudary Agarwal

C.A |M.COM | L.L.B

Harsha always wanted to explore the world with so many opportunities and her very wish came align with her reality.

Harsha Gangwani Narang

C.A | M.COM (Gold Medalist)

Neha Sharma was a student of Balaji long back. Then the story till date started after 7 years when she accidentally met the Balaji Team at a social gathering.

Neha Jain

Computer Engineer (B.E.)

‘Mari dikri collector banse’ were the lines dependably said by Foram’s dad. To live up to the expectations, with great confusion in her head, she decided to choose science in her high school.

Foram Roy

B.A. Hon - Liberal Studies

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